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  • World's Smallest Video Capture Card - With its ultra-compact size, this is the most portable and convenient video capture card to quickly turn your laptop into a perfect extended display for outputting signals from Switch, Steam Deck and more.
  • Accurate 60Hz 1080P YUY2 Output - Optimized for color accuracy, it delivers near-native HDMI 60Hz 1080P YUY2 video output to provide stunning visuals and zero lag, even for fast-paced action games on the Switch.
  • Dual Pluggable Design - Easily use your own extended cables with the innovative dual plugs, perfect for setups with desktop PCs, laptops and more.
  • Seamless 4K Capturing - Capture astonoshing 4K video input from a wide range of HDMI sources for recording, streaming, and more.
  • Ultra-Low Latency - Experience lag-free HDMI pass-through for seamless big screen gaming without any delay between your controller inputs and on-screen actions.
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility - Get ready to capture HDMI video instantly without any driver or software installation headaches.
  • Extensive Compatibility - Compatible with HDMI sources including Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC, laptops, cameras, HDVs and more for ultimate flexibility.
  • Replaceable USB 3.0 Cables - Easily swap the included USB 3.0 cable with your own for longer extensions to fit any setup, so long as they meet the full USB 3.0 speed specification.
  • Vibrant 1080P 60FPS Passthrough - Achieve stunningly fluid 60 FPS 1080P HDMI output for silky smooth graphics, ideal for gaming and video playback.

TinyStreamer Ultra-Compact HDMI 1080P Video Game Capture Card

    Case Material High strength plastic
    Supported Transfer Rates Transfer rate of 5Gbps/1.5/12/480 Mbps
    USB Specifications Fully compatible with UsB 2.0/3.0/1.0 specification.
    LED Indicator LED: Status for Connection
    Operating System Windows 7 (1080p and under only), Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or higher, Macos 10.i0 or higher,Googlem Chromebook Version 29.0.1547.70 or higher, Linux.
    UsBCommunicationProtoco UVC 1.1 The input and output resolutions include: 720 x 480 (60p),
    Video Resolution 720 x 576(50p),1280 x 720p (50p),1280 x 720p(60p), 1920 x1080 (50i),1920 x1080 (60i),1920 x1080 (24p)
    Software 1920 x1080(25p),1920 x1080 (30p),1920 ×1080(50p),1920 x 1080(60p),*3840*2160(30/60p). 1920 x1080(60p) for Maximum output. OBs Studio (Windows,Os x): Windows Media Encoder Windows): Adobe Flash Media Live -Encoder (windows,Os x); Real Producer Plus (windows); VLc (windows, Os X, Linux): QuickTime Broadcaster (os x): QuickTime Plaver (os x): Wirecast (windows,os x); vMix(windows); Potplayer (windows) and etc.
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