Villagers List:

1.Marina 2.Scoot 3.Cherry 4.Roald 5.Ketchup 6.Tangy 7.Erik 8.Apple 9.Weber 10.Filbert 11.Isabelle 12.Bangle 13.Pashmina 14.Octavian 15.Bam 16.Katt 17.Kiki 18.Clay 19.Hornsby 20.Muffy 21.Zell 22.Wolfgang 23.Kabuki 24.Bianca 25.Kyle 26.Bunnie 27.Genji 28.Hazel 29.Lobo 30.Agnes 31.Lyman 32.Peanut 33.Cube 34.Teddy 35.Phoebe 36.Ozzie 37.Vesta 38.Antonio 39.Drago 40.Mitzi 41.Kid Cat 42.June 43.Puddles 44.Wendy 45.Eugene 46.Shep 47.Biskit 48.Bones 49.Midge 50.Henry 51.Dobie 52.Roscoe 53.Wade 54.Flo 55.Ellie 56.Sprocket 57.Dotty 58.Cranston 59.Ribbot 60.Dizzy 61.Rex 62.Bill 63.Static 64.Snake 65.Nan 66.Sterling 67.Julian 68.Biff 69.Lopez 70.Canberra 71.Sydney 72.Joey 73.Poncho 74.Stella 75.Tammy 76.Papi 77.Tank 78.Jeremiah 79.Walker 80.Graham 81.Gladys 82.Quillson 83.Alice 84.Phil 85.Freckles 86.Goose 87.Norma 88.Moe 89.Raddle 90.Bruce


Package List:

90 x Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards (No duplicate) with Storage Box

1 x Digital manual cards ( Exclusive tips to improve the success rate of invitations )

Cards Function:

1. Get Poster

2. Photopia (photo with the villagers)

3. Invite Villagers moving to your island (Be sure to read the instructions to improve the probability of success)

Linkinbot 90 Pcs Animal Crossing Game Cards

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$65.54Sale Price