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Botw Nfc Game Cards for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch / Wii U- 23pcs Mini Size Cards with Crystal Case

How to use (Quick Guide):

1. Finish the first Shrine challenge

2. Press "Start" bottom in game, choose "system -- options"

3. Set the amibo option in "use amibo"

4. Put the card on the right stick (in Wii U put on the left side, it's two square signs)

Quick tips for you:

1. There are 23pcs in a tiny crystal case, no repeat

2. You can only use the card once per day, but if you're trying to get more than one item per day, you only need to change the clock in system.

3. Please find the card in the main image or digital manual (send after order) corresponding to the number below:

No.1 Wolf Link - 20 Hearts

No.2 The Legend of Zelda - Link Majora's Mask

No.3 The Legend of Zelda - Link Skyward Sword

No.4 Super Smash Bros - Sheik

No.5 Super Smash Bros - Ganondorf

No.6 Super Smash Bros - Link (Summon Epona)

No.7 Breath of the Wild - Link (Rider)

No.8 The Legend of Zelda - Toon Link The Wind Waker

No.9 Breath of the Wild - Zelda

No.10 Breath of the Wild - Guardian

No.11 Super Smash Bros - Toon Link

No.12 Super Smash Bros - Zelda

No.13 The Legend of Zelda - 8 Bit Link

No.14 Breath of the Wild - Link (Archer)

No.15 Breath of the Wild - Bokoblin

No.16 Toon Zelda (30th)

No.17 Link (30th OOT)

No.18 Link (Twilight Princess) (Summon Epona)

No.19 Zora Champion - Mipha

No.20 Rito Champion - Revali

No.21 Goron Champion - Daruk

No.22 Gerudo Champion - Urbosa

No.23 Super Smash Bros Young Link


BoTW NFC Game Card 23 Pcs with Crystal Case, Digital Manual and Free Gift

$31.99 Regular Price
$26.99Sale Price
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